This artwork was commissioned by Artisphere in Arlington, VA, an arts venue that hosted all forms of visual and performance arts. The project had 3 aspects that include an interactive element, a temporary installation, as well as a permanent installation.

1) The public interactive part was the basis for the rest of the project. A 3" x 3" cling label (below left) has instructions on the back to encourage people to put it someplace that makes them think about art and photograph it. 5000 were distributed and still show up in Instagram.

2) The text was installed as vinyl letters on the main office window of Artisphere to activate the space and reflect their mission of connecting people to art every day (image below right).

3) During the month of June 2011, text was installed on 90 tables in the food court of Pentagon City Fashion Mall in Arlington, VA. An estimated 800,000 people saw these tables (image above).

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