Thinking of You...
Landscape Series

Thinking about the future of our natural environment, I photographed managed landscapes such as arboretums, gardens and conservatories across America. These santuaries of plant life may become the museums of the future. Each image is composed of many photographs shot at different angles, quietly disrupting our perspective while drawing us into the image.

Each image is narrow and 60" to 90" on the longest side. These slices of landscape record a beauty that is tenderly maintained. Manmade supports, water faucets and heat lamps are not hidden.

The tiny signs that display the scientific plant names have been digitally altered so that they now carry messages of good will to the earth. Each image has at least one phrase placing a human emotion into the psyche of the scene. Look closely for "Thinking of You" or "Be Well" hidden beneath a green water lily leaf, floating in a pond or scattered between plump cacti. They are my hope for the future.


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