Put the I into Civic

For this public interactive artwork, you are invited to stand in the space of the missing "i" in the C_vic sculpture to Put the I into Civic. This project asks you to consider what Civic means to you. What do you expect from your government? What do you appreciate? Civic Expectations or Treasures? What might be your contribution, your Civic Duty or Civic Pleasure?

Photographed portraits along with the participant's opinion about what Civic means to them will become part of www.reimaginecivic.com by posting with #reimaginecivic or by going to the website to upload images directly.


By the People Festival, Smithsonian Arts and Industry Buidling, June 21st-24, 2018
Arlington VA Courthouse Square, 2016-2017
Arlington Central Library 2017
Arlilngton Columbia Pike Library 2018

This project sponsored by Arlington Public Art is part of Courthouse 2.0: Reimagining the Civic a public art initiative aimed at sparking Public Conversation about the future Courthouse Square by exploring the interaction between Civic Space and Civic Life in Arlington in the twenty-first century.


Linda Hesh stood by C_vic and asked people walking by if they'd like to be part of her artwork. She photographed them and captioned the portraits with what Civic means to them.
gallery of 179 portraits & opinions


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