Linda Hesh makes objects printed with statements that she photographs for her artwork. She invites you to join in this series by purchasing her art products. Use a mug for your coffee or make your own art installation with a group of mugs. Or give a printed object to someone and send them a message.


Desolation Coffee Mugs
The same 8 statements as on the doorknob hangers on ceramic mugs. These are made in 2 different styles: either the type is large and wraps around the mug (shout it out) or the type is small and blue on one side (a quiet cry).

I feel so lost -I need time to think - I don't understand you
I want what we had - I don't know what to do - I didn't ask for this
I tried to forget - I can't trust you

White Liberal Products
Relieve your white liberal guilt (or give somebody else a message) with mugs, t-shirts printed with "I Like Black People", "I Like Brown People", or "I Like Yellow People."

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