Linda Hesh is a Washington, DC area artist whose artwork explores the relationship between the personal and political, identity and marginalization. Text and photography play a part in all her series, whether a public interactive piece or gallery work. She is very conscious of speaking to an audience, declaring private musings publicly to play with taboos or challenge social norms.

October 7-11, 2015
Chance Meeting Doorknob Hangers

RECALL Art in Odd Places Public Art Festival
Installation and Performance by over 50 International Artists
14th St. from Ave C to the Hudson River in New York City

Linda Hesh will be installing 1500 doorknob hangers for the festival,
each printed with 1 of 8 phrases about a chance meeting.
The public is invited to upload their own pix of the hangers
with #HeshDoorknob which are then displayed here:

RECALL Art Exhibit
Artwork from the Art in Odd Places Festival
The Lodge Gallery
October 14-28
131 Chrystie Street, NYC


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